I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Dick Baker and Nancy Huntley for their help in supplying us with the Northeast Conference & Cape Ann League History. Also Lynn English hall of fame coach “Harold Ben “Red” Foote” for sitting with me and passing on some fantastic insider history on the North Shore League and Northeastern Conference.


Cape Ann League Champions 1975-Present

Northeastern Conference Champions 1974-Present

North Shore League Champions 1950-1973


League Program Books
Middlesex 1970-71
North Shore 1969-70
North Shore 1970-71
North Shore 1971-72
North Shore 1972-73
Northeast Conf. 1973-74
Northeast Conf. 1974-75
Northeast Conf. 1975-76
Northeast Conf. 1976-77
Northeast Conf. 1977-78
Northeast Conf. 1978-79


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