Lunch Pail Award Winners 2017-18

This week's Lunch Pail is Earned by Jr F #17 Dan Guarino. Willing to play any role asked of him; scored a huge goal in our win over Brookline. #LunchPail #HardWork



This week's Lunch Pail Award is earned by Sr Capt G #30 Tyler Pugsley. Leads by example on and off the ice, has put in the work everyday for 4 years. #LunchPail #HardWork 



Week 6 Lunch Pail Earned by Junior D #7 Jake Regan. Competes to be the best regardless of the situation. #LunchPail #HardWork 


Week 5 Lunch Pail earned by Senior Capt D #4 Ryan Chambers. Solid play on the blue line and a positive leader. #LunchPail #Hardwork 




Week 4 Lunch Pail Award Winner is Jr Capt #15 Mike Lucey. Works the hardest and has the most fun.

Week 3 Lunch Pail Award winner is Fr forward #9 Cal Tryder. Always the 1st guy on the ice,
works hard regardless of the situation

Week 2 Lunch Pail Award earned by Jr captain Tommy Harrington, leads by example on and off the ice.

Week 1 Lunch Pail earned by freshmen RW #2 Oliver Miller.

Feb 22, 2018, 2:02 pm

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