Falmouth High School in Maine is looking for 3 teams to participate in an MLK round robin tournament up here in Falmouth, Maine. The format for this would be each team plays 3 games (so everybody plays everybody).  Each game slot would be about 90 mins real time (maybe a little less) with warm-up, National Anthem, and 2 periods each of 20 mins and an ice make in between. The teams would play 2 games on Saturday (one late morning/noon time) and one in the evening.  Then each team would play their last game late morning/noon time on either Sunday or Monday. Interested schools can contact James Coffey, Athletic Director) at

Westwood Girls Hockey is looking for a scrimmage with a D1 opponent on Sun. Dec 2 at the Canton Ice House. Contact Coach Ed Amico at 617-571-1493 or

Hanover NH Girls Hockey is looking for a fourth team for the Hanover (NH) Girls High School Hockey Holiday Tournament. The tournament will provide 2 games for each team and the dates are December 28 and 29th. The tournament will be held in Hanover, NH. Contact Coach John Dodds

Jun 13, 2018, 1:20 pm

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