State Records

Men's State Records  (updated 6/12/14)


Men's 100/200/300/400 Point Club (updated 6/12/14)


Women's State Records (updated 7/28/14)



Women’s 100/200/300 Point Club (updated 7/28/14)




Massachusetts High School State Hockey Records is an ongoing pursuit to gather and document records from this great game. Needless to say it is a work in progress, and we will continue to update these pages on a regular basis.

I am receptive to, and ask for, any and all input to add records or modify information contained in these pages. To ensure that we have accurate and credible information, all submissions should be supported with some form of documentation such as a newspaper or magazine article, school yearbook, program book etc. We will also accept records from credible sources such as school administrators, coaches, reporters and other officials.

 I would like to thank Jim Clark from the Herald for his generous contribution to this undertaking, without his support the thoroughness of this document would not be possible.


Records can be submitted as follows:

By mail:
P.O. Box 8102
East Lynn, Ma. 01904

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By Fax: 1-781-584-4025